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Health & Safety

Health & Safety
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Chicco Disinfectant Liquid for Feeding Bottles and Teats (1 Liter) Chicco presents Disinfectin..
5.60 JOD
There is nothing worse than your little one being unable to breathe well at night; to avoid these un..
3.15 JOD
Johnson's Baby Cologne Lemon Fresh 200ml 35% Off
We love babies. And we know smell is the first thing babies recognize and that it creates powerful m..
3.25 JOD 5.00 JOD
Sponge Bath Glove is a useful accessory  for  cleansing baby’s skin. The elastic strap all..
4.00 JOD
The new innovative rinser features interior fins that channel a steady flow of water to ensure quick..
8.00 JOD
We love babies. And we understand babies' eyes are delicate. That's why our baby conditioner, with ..
3.50 JOD
Nine essential items for grooming baby Organised in a handy material pouch Multi-purpose kit ..
29.99 JOD
Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) offers interference-free monitoring Rechargeable do..
120.00 JOD
Rounded nozzle is gentle for baby's delicate nostrils Easy, safe and convenient Helps to relieve b..
3.60 JOD
1. Made of pure natural cellulose. 2. It is well known for its property of absorbing rapidly water ..
3.75 JOD
Trouble Swallowing Pills? Not with Gloup®! Gloup is the first purpose designed medication lubricant..
6.50 JOD
We love babies. That's why our Baby Powder creates a friction-free layer to reduce the effects of ru..
6.50 JOD
For enhanced shine and silky soft hair 1. Unique No More Tears formula 2. Anti-frizz formul..
3.00 JOD
The Sebamed 250ml Baby Eau De Cologne is a mild refreshing scent that is dermatologically tested to ..
8.55 JOD
Sebamed Children's Shampoo - 500 ml keeps baby's hair soft, clean and smelling sweet. Your baby..
12.90 JOD
Skin protection with Vitamin E and regenerating Provitamin B5 With pH value 5.5 Reliable UVA..
18.40 JOD
Prevents sunlight induced damages, skin irritations and protects against dryness of baby delicate sk..
15.00 JOD
Consolidates the resistance of babies delicate lips Product features: Gentle, natural based..
1.90 JOD
Fluoride free - safe to swallow Creates a healthy oral environment for emerging teeth Gently ..
7.00 JOD
Although parents pay careful attention, thehome often presents many dangers for their little“explore..
100.00 JOD
The importance of the Washing Hair Hat is, it stops water and shampoo getting into your baby's eyes...
3.60 JOD
The Digital Video Baby Monitor with Sensor Pad lets you keep an eye and an ear on your baby's eve..
399.00 JOD
SWEET PERFUMED WATER 0m+ Delicate scent for a soft perfumed hug The sweet and delicate scen..
6.40 JOD
1. Johnsons Cotton Buds 100 2. Johnson's cotton buds are made from only 100% pure cotton 3. Pure c..
2.00 JOD
About the product Perfect at home and on the go Lightweight and easy to carry Leak and odor proof..
22.00 JOD
This rich, creamy bath wash hydrates as it cleans and is 10x more moisturizing*. 1. Gentle enough..
7.00 JOD
Gentle for delicate nails Rounded edge for safety Moulded handle to prevent slipping Suitab..
5.25 JOD
Bath Tub 0m+ Ideal for baby bath, from birth up to one year old! Chicco's tub is designed for..
57.75 JOD
This rich, creamy bath wash hydrates as it cleans and is 10x more moisturizing*. 1. Gentle enough..
4.00 JOD
Digi Baby thermometer is small and practical for every mother. You can measure the temperature of yo..
7.00 JOD
Extra gentle body wash and shampoo Hypoallergenic Paraben-free formula No-tears formula Clinical..
4.50 JOD
Moisturises baby's skin, making it wonderfully smooth and soft It contains sweet almond milk, with s..
4.50 JOD
Gentle cleansing milk for baby and child, face and diaper area, from birth on(1). *Including babi..
5.00 JOD
DESCRIPTION Liquid Hand Soap Baby's Pure Johnson protect - surprisingly gentle liquid soap for wash..
3.50 JOD
1. Baby powder creates a friction free layer 2. Keep baby's skin healthy and soft 3. Made out of q..
7.00 JOD
Cleanses and protects from birth on.* Protects the vital resources in baby's skin today and for tom..
12.00 JOD
Humi Fresh: safer, quieter steam, ideal for peaceful nights The Humi Fresh Humidifier helps to re..
79.75 JOD
Chicco Baby Moments Eau de Cologne - baby's smell 100ml 3.38oz 0m+ Clinically tested, Hypoallergen..
6.40 JOD
This friendly whale's simple design, covered in quick-dry wetsuit fabric, will brighten up baby's ba..
20.00 JOD
Softener Sweet Talcum 750 Ml 0m+ Gives freshness and softness to all the clothes of the child ..
3.40 JOD
This toilet trainer is an excellent solution to help you train your child to use the toilet. It feat..
12.60 JOD
PhysiObébé becomes No-rinse cleansing water Gentle no-rinse cleansing water for baby and child, f..
9.50 JOD