About Us

We’re Dumyah.com, a creative startup that loves to provide the best services for the community.


Necessity is the mother of invention and Dumyah was born in 2016, a fulfilling solution to the journey of motherhood. Two dedicated and passionate parents to be, were shopping for their little girl’s  supplies.  They were shocked by how the market lacked one entity that would fulfil their need to buy the right suitable products along with practical guidance. From the awareness of such shortage in maternity and babies’ products and lack of relevant service, emerged the idea to create an online platform for mothers and babies across Jordan. At Dumyah, parents can shop easily, quickly and efficiently within a click of a button. We put within the hands of Jordanian families a wide variety of carefully selected products to choose from. Whether it is a pacifier to calm your baby, a toy to entertain, a story to be told or a stroller to travel with.


 Dumyah.com founders, Kayed Qunibi and Zeina Zuaiter
Dumyah.com founders, Kayed Qunibi and Zeina Zuaiter


Our mission was and still is to accompany a mother in her journey from the day her pregnancy test reads a positive result until her children become teens and are responsible for themselves. Whether a stay at home mom or a working mom, Dumyah is there to provide them with high quality and variable maternity and baby products along with experienced feedback on their inquiries. Moms are multi-taskers and they deserve to be given a hand in their challenging yet rewarding journey.


At Dumyah we value our customers, for they aren’t merely people buying products through a screen. They are human beings, mothers and fathers with children to take care of. They are our primary concern and our valued institution of the Jordanian community. Therefore, we have a dedicated team ready and armed to give the best service.