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Oral Care

Oral Care
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Emoform F Sensitive protects and soothes sensitive teeth and denuded tooth necks rapidly with a la..
5.50 JOD
Whitens and polishes the tooth surface gently and thoroughly Inhibits plaque formation Attach..
8.50 JOD
Emofluor gel is enriched with Stabilised stannous fluoride. It is an intensive treatment for sensi..
5.65 JOD
Cares for the gums, desensitises, combats dental plaque, cleans gently and stimulates salivation. ..
5.25 JOD
Cleaning and polishing toothpaste for dazzling white teeth. Removes plaque and various stains due to..
7.45 JOD
Tea tree oil , Gel for mouth ulcer     ..
5.85 JOD
TEBODONT® is an effective, gentle and successful alternative in the treatment of gingivitis, periodo..
6.55 JOD
Emoform F Protect Carries Toothpaste provides a high degree of protection against dental caries, ero..
6.75 JOD
 For sensitive teeth and tooth necks, irritated gums and bad breath. Mouth wash ..
6.55 JOD
Spry Xylitol Peppermint Toothpaste is an all-natural toothpaste. Using this toothpaste will aid in o..
4.58 JOD
Thanks to a specialised formula developed by experts, it ensures comprehensive aid for people dealin..
7.00 JOD
Product description Size:5 OZ Spry Xylitol Toothpaste is proudly a natural product. Many big nam..
4.58 JOD
Emofluor GEL Intensive Care for sensitive teeth, tooth necks, and irritated gums. Apply once a day ..
6.65 JOD
Ecodenta Oral Care Package This package is the most wonderful gift for your loved ones. This p..
21.00 JOD
Do you feel discomfort when eating and drinking? The COMPLETE CARE sensitive toothpaste will reduce ..
7.00 JOD
ECODENTA COSMOS ORGANIC Anti-plaque toothpaste with coconut oil and zinc salt, 100 ml Certified org..
7.00 JOD
What is the secret behind that radiant smile of that colleague of yours? She seems to be packing e..
7.49 JOD
ECODENTA Black whitening toothpaste, 100 ml Yes, black toothpaste. Full of nature, with Black Charc..
5.00 JOD
ECODENTA Black whitening mouthfoam, 150 ml Yes, black mouthfoam. For instant freshness. Oak Charcoa..
7.00 JOD
Oral mouthwash to combat halitosis and prevent gingivitis problems, helping in its treatment. Larg..
7.49 JOD
Infusion of toothpaste with mini breath strips that invigorates your brushing experience for long..
1.25 JOD
Safe for you and the environment - 95% of natural ingredients, parabens, sugar, triclosan and SLS..
5.00 JOD
ECODENTA Triple Force toothpaste, 100 ml This toothpaste is extra, extra, extraordinarily good when..
5.00 JOD
ECODENTA Caries Fighting toothpaste, 100ml Wow. Even we astonished ourselves with this ingenious to..
8.00 JOD
Safe for you and the environment - 95% of natural ingredients, parabens, sugar, triclosan and SLS..
6.00 JOD
Deposits a long-lasting protective film on the teeth which provides superior protection of the ..
4.25 JOD
Listerine Menthol 500 ml is the best mouthwash to ensure complete oral health. It guarantees gre..
7.49 JOD
Signal Mouthwash Active Expert Liquid Gel Complete deposits on the teeth a long-lasting protective..
4.25 JOD
Safe for you and the environment - 99% of natural ingredients, parabens, sugar, triclosan and SLS..
5.00 JOD
ECODENTA COSMOS ORGANIC Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums with natural salt and potassium citr..
7.00 JOD
ECODENTA Minty Moisturizing toothpaste, 100ml A very magical mouth vitaliser. This super moisturisi..
5.00 JOD
ECODENTA COSMOS ORGANIC Whitening toothpaste with papaya extract, 100 ml Certified organic toothpas..
7.00 JOD
Unique gel formula Helps keep gums healthy Wraps your teeth and stays in your mouth for a l..
4.25 JOD
Tea Tree Therapy Mouthwash when used with Tea Tree Therapy Toothpaste or Tea Tree Therapy Whitener w..
6.26 JOD
Parodontax Bain de Bouche is an antibacterial protective treatment intended for daily oral hygiene..
7.49 JOD
Tea Tree Therapy Whitening Toothpaste, with its low abrasive cleanser, Dicalcium Phosphate (naturall..
4.87 JOD
Xlear Spry Oral Rinse All-Natural Cinnamon is a great tasting rinse designed to help keep the mouth ..
6.89 JOD
Spry Oral Rinse is a great tasting rinse designed to help keep the mouth and teeth refreshingly clea..
6.71 JOD
Charcoal infused bristles for healthier and clean mouth. The thin slim tip bristles reach deep betwe..
4.25 JOD
Max Fresh with Cooling Crystals Cool Mint Fluoride Toothpaste When brushing with Colgate MaxFresh..
2.66 JOD