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Skin Care

Skin Care
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Derma - Roller System 0.50mm 40% Off
This derma roller from the house DRS comes with 540 titanium alloy needles of diameter 0.5 mm for ef..
6.00 JOD 10.00 JOD
Arcaya Quick Lift 15% Off
Natural sea algae proteins moisturises all the skins layers. Has a tangible lifting of facial..
29.75 JOD 35.00 JOD
a water like oil that has a light aroma and taste. Its light and smooth texture makes it easily..
8.25 JOD
Sebamed Body Repair Lotion for Extreme Dry Skin 10 Urea 200ml 16% Off
Free of colorants, mineral oils, silicone oils and PEG-compounds Formulated at pH 5.5, the pH level..
9.03 JOD 10.75 JOD
Story Pink Himalayan Bath Salt 28% Off
Why Himalayan Crystal Salt Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most beneficial and cleanest salt availabl..
7.24 JOD 10.00 JOD
One With Nature Dead Sea Spa Mineral Soap Sulfur & Chamomile Unique combination of salts + 21..
3.65 JOD
"Removing the dead cells smoothly while replacing it with the best treatment oils with natural refre..
14.00 JOD
Nourishing Facial Mud Mask rich with Honey Extract 500 g Nourishes, moisturizes and calms your sk..
80.50 JOD
Ayla Naturals Aloe me some Vanilla New
Pure aloe Vera extract  Cold pressed virgin coconut oil Cocoa butter  Vanilla ext..
25.00 JOD
Ayla Naturals The secret Argan New
Healing hair, face, & body Oil  Pure argan oil, grape seed oil and almond oil ..
19.00 JOD
Ayla Naturals Raspberry Skin Butter New
information about us: With a lot of love, care and passion, Ayla Naturals created a product that ..
13.00 JOD
Calendula Cream A blend of organic oils, calendula petals and beeswax to produce a moisturising c..
10.50 JOD
Iris Dead Sea Salts Body Scrub 300g 15% Off
Iris Dead Sea Salts Body Scrub 300g This remarkably effective Exfoliate Body Scrub deeply cleanse..
7.65 JOD 9.00 JOD
Sebamed Full Body Care Package 42% Off
This Offer contains the following:  Sebamed Relaxing Spa Lotion Sebamed Shampoo Everyda..
25.00 JOD 42.93 JOD
Alba's Hawaiian collection is made with tropical fruit and flower extracts, nourishing nut oils and ..
7.85 JOD
Kamill Skin Cream Sensitive 150 ml 10% Off
Extra sensitive care for very sensitive skin. This sensitive skin cream was developed especially for..
1.94 JOD 2.15 JOD
Fresh scent .; gently exfoliates and massages the skin .; makes the skin soft, smooth and cl..
2.10 JOD
Nivea Skin Moisturizer Cream, Pocket Size, 60 ml 19% Off
Brand: Nivea Suitable Skin Type: All Skin Type Size: 150 ml Type: Moisturizers Texture: C..
0.80 JOD 0.99 JOD
Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion 15% Off
The Sebamed Moisturizing Lotion - 200 ml nourishes and moisturizes damaged and dry skin. Uniquely fo..
5.48 JOD 6.45 JOD
Story Skin Care Package 25% Off
Story Skin Care Package: Why Himalayan Crystal Salt Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most beneficia..
32.25 JOD 43.00 JOD
Bio Balance explores the synergistic effects of vitamins, herbal extracts, and minerals and uses the..
8.75 JOD
With organic chamomile extract*, bisabolol, panthenol and 5 % Urea. Concentrated care, protection an..
1.80 JOD
Hand crafted  cold process soap. Made from the finest Jordanian organic certified, cold pressed..
5.30 JOD
Arcaya Viper 15% Off
Contains high concentration of Argireline – Botox-Like peptides which work to correct express..
29.75 JOD 35.00 JOD
Parachute Coconut hair oil brings to you the natural goodness of coconut. The essential purity makes..
4.30 JOD
One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Soap Olive Oil Description Triple Milled Soap Argan Oil + Shea Bu..
3.65 JOD
Glysolid Glycerin Soap has a high glycerol content & consists almost exclusively of nature subst..
0.80 JOD
Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel - A Gel-to-Oil Like Format That Helps to Relieve the Signs and Symptoms of Dry ..
13.00 JOD
Iris Skin Renewal Cream 45g 15% Off
Skin Renewal Cream 45g Grow younger with this advanced formula which contains AHA that helps..
12.71 JOD 14.95 JOD
Fresh Soap Lemon Myrtle Soap contains all natural ingredients including Lemon Myrtle essential oil h..
4.45 JOD
Johnson's Revitalising Grape Body Lotion Vita-rich, 400 ml 32% Off
Infused with skin-loving grapeseed oil and moisturizing glycerin. This unique formula actively revit..
2.80 JOD 4.14 JOD
NATURA SIBERICA gets inspiration from enchanting Tuva region creating TUVA SIBERICA line, based on ..
20.00 JOD
Rivage Hydra Premium Body Moisturizer Cream is a unique blend of the great moisturizer Glycerin comb..
15.00 JOD
Reinvigorate, exfoliate, detoxify and feel refreshed and most of all cleansed with our all natural, ..
9.89 JOD
Amina's Organic Protective Ointment With Herbs 50ml 30% Off
A blend of organic oils, herbs and beeswax create a superb protective and nourishing barrier. All sk..
7.35 JOD 10.50 JOD
15% Water Soluble Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic Solution Suggested Use For use as a mild natu..
6.84 JOD
Brand: Palmolive Target Group:Women Size: 250 Ml Form: Gel Scent: Fresh ..
1.80 JOD
Petal Fresh Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub, 473 ml 18% Off
Exfoliate and moisturize your skin with Petal Fresh® Coconut Oil Body Scrub (Smoothing). This repara..
6.54 JOD 8.00 JOD
Iris Glycerin Soap with Natural Luffa 200g This exceptional Soap is both a gentle cleanser and sk..
4.40 JOD
Sebamed Anti Dry Body Lotion 15% Off
Boosts hydration by 26% in 3 weeks Rapeseed phytosterols protect relieve itching, tension and burni..
7.27 JOD 8.55 JOD
"Massaging & after shower oil to improve moisturizing limits with France luxurious fragrance to ..
12.00 JOD
Raw unrefined 100% shea butter, grade A, from Ghana. Naturally rich in Vitamin E & A am..
18.00 JOD