New Farlin Manual Breast Pump
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Farlin Manual Breast Pump

3.80 JOD

Product Code: BF-638-P
Barcode: 4710962443826
Recommended Age: For Moms

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  • A simple way to support breast feeding for your baby
  • Small, portable and convenient 
  • Provides consistent suction for more comfortable and efficient milk expression
  • The pump’s ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable hold and offers complete control when expressing milk
  • 360° Swivel handle. Suction adjustable by turning handle.
  • Breast shield with silicone liner, which eases the pain and massages the breast for promoting the milk flow
  • Can easily convert to a nursing bottle by using a cap and nipple included
  • Makes mother feeding to baby easy

Moms around the world want their newborns to steal the spotlight like celebrity babies. You can make your toddlers little stars by enhancing their sheer cuteness. Your babies can become fashion icon at such a tender age with stylish and safe accessories from Farlin. Baby bottles, breast pumps & accessories.

Safe and easy to use.
Applicable to most breast sizes.
Horn and sucking ball are sterilize-able.

Breast milk breast milk sucker suitable for suction of milk for later use.

According to instructions, several times a day and as needed.

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  • Breast milk surplus occurs predominantly at the beginning of breastfeeding before milk production stabilizes and adapts to the baby's requirements. 
  • If the breasts are very full, the nipple is almost lost in the yard and the baby then has problems with grasping the nipple and the surrounding tissue. Before applying the baby, first gently sow your breast with circular movements and a little milk. After breast feeding, cool with cold tiles.
  • The use of breast milk breast pumps is appropriate for:
  • if you have difficulty hand-shaving from crowded breasts
  • to stimulate milk production
  • to stimulate flat or incipient nipples as a further aid to nipple formers
  • if you work and can not be with a baby
  • if you want to go out with your husband in the evening or spend time with your friends or family. If the mother and baby are separated immediately after delivery or later, the mother should start sucking as soon as possible to maintain and stimulate milk production. With the aid of a midwife or lactation assistant, it is also appropriate to draw up an individual suction plan, where the suction frequency, the amount of aspirated milk, or a suitable suction cup is recommended.
  • The manual breast milk breast pump is suitable for occasional aspiration of a small amount of milk from the crowded breasts. For more frequent suction, electric suction cups are suitable. If the child is separated from the mother for a longer period of time, we recommend using an electric suction cup for simultaneous suction from both breasts.

General considerations before using a suction machine

  • Using a breast pump is the way many mothers choose today. Breast milk brings a lot of advantages to the mother. However, not all mothers use the breast pump properly.
  • Dear moms, in order to make sure we have a lot of milk and some things to keep in mind before using the breast pump:
  • Before breastfeeding the mother should be comfortable, avoid angry wrangling will affect the amount of milk as well as milk quality.
  • Drink 1 cup milk / fruit juice / saturated before milking. 
  • Clean hands and feet. 
  • Cleaning the milking machine. 
  • Light breast massage (horizontal - vertical - spin).
  • Wipe the towel around the top of the ti. 
  • Wet the speakers to get close contact. 
  • Begin to gradually aspirate gradually increase, no sudden increase will cause breast pain. 
  • It is possible to breastfeed just to save time or suck on each side from 3 to 5 minutes / time. Or you can use a double breasted suction machine to suck up both breasts and save time.
  • Dissolve the milk in the milk storage container for the refrigerator (keep cool for 3 to 5 days, prevent ice -16 degrees C for 6 months and - 18 degrees C for 12 months)