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Aida Najjar- The declaration of "Oman between spinning and work" by Dr. Aida Al-Najjar 20% Off
Dr. Al-Najjar is one of the few who have worked on codifying the social history of cities, and ..
5.60 JOD 7.00 JOD
Aida Najjar - Lifta Ya Asilah: Autumn Village 20% Off
Lifta, with its gorgeous appearance, despite its withering away, is distinguished from more than f..
5.60 JOD 7.00 JOD
Aida Najjar - Azouz Singing for Love: Palestinian stories of a thousand stories 20% Off
The group was issued. Naggar in 144 pages and wrote d. Ibrahim Al-Saafin, in his introduction to..
4.00 JOD 5.00 JOD
Aida Najjar - Banat Amman Ayam Zaman 20% Off
The book Banat Amman Ayam Zaman : The Memory of the School and the Road' by its author, Dr. Aida..
5.60 JOD 7.00 JOD
Aida Najjar - Al Quds Wa Bent Al Shalabeye 20% Off
Amman - Dr. Aida Al-Najjar's book “Al-Quds and the Girl of the Shalabiyya”, recently publis..
5.60 JOD 7.00 JOD