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Al Salwa Books -Tasseh Tarantaseh

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Recommended Age: 9+ Months
Dimensions: 15cm X 21cm (LxW)
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This book is a compilation of miscellaneous rhymes that remind us of the olden days and the good times spent with grandparents. These rhymes introduce vocabulary and customs of our culture and way of life. The titles of the rhymes in the book are:
1. Hazourah Fazourah
2. Zuzu has a Car
3. Trendy Salwa
4. Jumping Ball
5. Hope it Rains Today
6. Walnut, Peanut
7. Hadooteh Badooteh
8. Omelette & Olive Oil
9. Abu Layleh
10. I'm the Wind
11. My Old Nanny
Cover Type: Board Book
Number Of Pages: 18
Part Of Series: Arabic Nursery Rhymes Series

Product Code: 9789957040499
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on 2023-03-25

Fascinating reads that captivate the mind and transport you to new worlds. Highly recommended!


on 2022-02-06

So inspiring! These books bring joy and wisdom, a true gem for any reader's collection.


on 2019-11-11

مجموعة كتب متميزة، تحتوي على مواضيع شيقة بأسلوب رائع.


on 2019-10-15

كتب رائعة، تغذي العقل والروح وتزيد المعرفة. أنصح بها بشدة.


on 2018-06-18

تجربة قراءة فريدة، ستثري مكتبتك وتفتح أفقًا جديدًا للمعرفة.


on 2018-05-05

كتب ترفيهية وتثقيفية في آن واحد، أقرأها بشغف كبير.


on 2018-04-09

الكتب مشوّقة ومفيدة، تستحق الاقتناء والقراءة المتكررة.


on 2017-03-07

Absolutely amazing collection of books! Each one is a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment.


on 2016-08-10

Top-notch books! A must-have for any book lover seeking quality content and engaging reads.