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Al Salwa Books - My Turtle Nahla

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Recommended Age: 9+ Months
Dimensions: 15cm X 21cm (LxW)
Weight: 0.21kg

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This book focuses on rhymes about animals. The rhymes are easy to remember and repeat, and talk about animals that a child sees and interacts with in his/her own environment. The Child gets to hear the different sounds the animals make and encourages children to interact through music, and through imitating the sound and movements animals make. The titles of the rhymes in the book are:
1. These Little Chicks
2. Yasmeen the Chicken
3. Two Dancing Cats
4. Tutu the Rabbit
5. I Used to Have a Bird
6. Our Donkey
7. The Butterfly
8. My Sheep
9. I Have a Duck
10. My Turtle Nahla
Cover Type: Board Book
Number Of Pages: 18
Part Of Series: Arabic Nursery Rhymes Series

Product Code: 9789957040512
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4.4 out of 5

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on 2024-04-16

تسلسل الأحداث مثير ومشوق. تعليمي وممتع للأطفال.


on 2023-05-17

صديقتي اشترته وأعجبني كثيرًا. رسومات جميلة وقصة مميزة.


on 2022-03-06

كتاب رائع يجذب الأطفال ويعلمهم قيمًا مهمة بشكل مبتكر.


on 2021-07-30

A delightful story with a wonderful message. Highly recommend for young readers!


on 2020-04-23

نصائح قيمة مع قصة شيقة. تعزز التفكير النقدي والتعاون.


on 2019-09-10

Beautifully illustrated book with a heartwarming story about friendship and adventure.


on 2017-12-30

My kids absolutely love this book! It's engaging and teaches valuable lessons.


on 2016-10-29

رواية جميلة وممتعة، أحببت صدق الشخصيات ودراما القصة.


on 2016-07-18

تصاميم الكتاب جميلة وجودته ممتازة. مغامرات نحلة رائعة!


on 2016-05-12

مغامرات نحلة نالت إعجاب أولادي. قراءة ممتعة ومفيدة.