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Al Salwa Books - My Brother Zaid

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Recommended Age: 4+ Years
Dimensions: 17cm X 24cm (LxW)
Weight: 0.10kg

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In this story we share Jude’s ambivalent feelings towards her younger brother Zaid. She tells us how he bothers and angers her. But at the end of the story her feelings of affection and love towards Zaid prevail.
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Number Of Pages: 24
Part Of Series: Halazone Series

Product Code: 9789957040017
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Customer ratings

4.8 out of 5

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Verified purchase Rula

on 2023-10-08

a nice book about sibling rivalry and how siblings love each other no matter what.

Verified purchase alaa

on 2023-07-07

رائعه جدا ومهمه للأطفال ..........

Verified purchase Shoroq

on 2023-02-13

فيها معان جميلة من الحياة اليومية,سلسلة ممتعة ونقرأها دائما

Verified purchase Wassan

on 2022-10-22

من اكثر الكتب الي قرأتها لاولادي و استمتعوا فيه. اسلوب الكتابة و الصور جدا مناسب لاطفال من عمر ٣ ل ٦