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Skin Care

Skin Care
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The Chicco massage oil is perfect adapted to the requirements of the very tender and sensitive skin ..
6.90 JOD
Cleanse and soften baby from head to toe with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Baby Wash. Our ultra-cal..
6.50 JOD
عناية وحماية لطيفة لبشرة الطفل الحساسة مواصفات المنتج: العناية اللطيفة والحماية لبشرة الطفل..
7.90 JOD
The moisturizing complex prevents dryness, enhancing the barrier function against noxious substances..
9.75 JOD
All Baby sebamed products are - dye free, paraben free, and formaldehyde free. Also free of phthalat..
13.95 JOD
Safety cotton buds 100% cotton Microbiologically tested SEPTONA safety cotton buds are s..
1.50 JOD
Moisturizing mosquito repellent cream 100ml 2m + The new Chicco product line refreshes, moisturi..
4.75 JOD
Baby Magic is a true legacy brand; we believe in tradition. and that nothing bonds parents together ..
1.95 JOD
EFFICACY: Natural oil is the ideal solution for cleansing the nappy area, for dry and sensitiv..
4.80 JOD
Our Baby Magic Original Baby Lotion is a rich, creamy, non-greasy lotion formulated to absorb q..
1.79 JOD
Chicco Baby Moments Eau de Cologne - baby's smell 100ml 3.38oz 0m+ Clinically tested, Hypoall..
6.90 JOD
We love babies. That's why our Baby Powder creates a friction-free layer to reduce the effects of ru..
6.50 JOD
SWEET PERFUMED WATER 0m+ Delicate scent for a soft perfumed hug The sweet and delicate scen..
6.90 JOD
Johnsons Essentials Baby Gift Set 1 Set of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Baby Gear Package consists ..
14.50 JOD
Skin protection with Vitamin E and regenerating Provitamin B5 With pH value 5.5 Reliable UVA..
18.35 JOD
Pure and gentle daily care Free from parabens, dyes and phthalates With coconut oil John..
4.00 JOD
Palmer's cocoa butter formula baby butter massage lotion (250ml) ..
7.50 JOD
Baby Magic Cologne is an alcohol-free formula designed to leave skin smelling clea..
2.60 JOD
Baby Magic is a true legacy brand; we believe in tradition. and that nothing bonds parents together ..
1.90 JOD
Baby oil with hypericum and olive oil 12h hydration – Nourishes and protects the skin Hypoall..
2.95 JOD
Consolidates the resistance of babies delicate lips Product features: Gentle, natural based..
1.90 JOD
100% soap-free, mild body cleansing of the delicate baby skin, making it smooth and soft, minimizing..
2.99 JOD
Johnson's Fragrance-Free Baby Jelly. When a baby is born, their skin is at its most delicate. Tha..
2.19 JOD
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Package (Baby Wash 300 ml + Baby Lotion 250 ml) 11% Off
This package contains: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Baby Wash 300 ml​​ Cleanse and softe..
12.00 JOD 13.50 JOD
We love babies. That's why our Baby Powder creates a friction-free layer to reduce the effects of ru..
2.00 JOD
1. Locks in more than double the moisture than baby lotion 2. Creates a light protective barrier on..
8.00 JOD
1. Baby powder creates a friction free layer 2. Keep baby's skin healthy and soft 3. Made out of q..
3.60 JOD
Refreshes and protects baby's skin Contains Melissa and crabwood oils Melissa gives delicate ..
5.00 JOD
500 ml of Johnson's baby moisturizing pink lotion with coconut oil hydrates and nourishes your li..
3.80 JOD
Johnson's Baby Cologne Lemon Fresh 200ml 35% Off
We love babies. And we know smell is the first thing babies recognize and that it creates powerful m..
3.25 JOD 5.00 JOD
Moisturizing cream with hypericum and lavender  Its composition with natural moisturizing fact..
2.95 JOD
The Chicco Soothing Relief pen is ideal for easing the itching caused by mosquito bites and the anno..
4.70 JOD
Gently cleanses the delicate baby's skin, leaving it nicely scented no-tears formula contains pot..
6.40 JOD
KIDS bubble bath Thanks to its mild composition with natural moisturising factors, it leaves skin..
2.95 JOD
The massage with the help of specific oils brings benefits to the growth and development of the chil..
7.50 JOD
Johnson's Starter Kit Baby Gift Set A series of basic baby needs in attractive packaging complete..
18.00 JOD
Charm Baby is a nourishing and moisturizing formula enriched with Chamomile’s oil and extract, ..
3.75 JOD
Helps to prevent excess moisture loss Fast absorbing  Helps soften and protect baby's delicat..
3.50 JOD
The Sebamed 250ml Baby Eau De Cologne is a mild refreshing scent that is dermatologically tested to ..
8.55 JOD
100% soap and alkali-free Ultra mild cleanser No tear, non-irritating formula With allantoi..
4.45 JOD
Features: 200 piece 100% cotton Made in Greece Microbiologically tested Description: ..
1.50 JOD
Baby Cream Moisturise with Aloe Vera   Fresh Aloe Vera gel is blended with a variety..
14.00 JOD