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NaturalFeeling Manual breast pump A great help to prolong as much as possible breastfeeding ensuring..
52.00 JOD


A useful aid to extend breastfeeding whilst ensuring all the effectiveness, comfort, gentleness, ..
45.00 JOD


This breast pump from Chicco offers you maximum safety during the delicate period of breast-feeding...
8.00 JOD


The Classic Breast Pump is easy to use and extracts the milk quickly and efficiently. It has a sucti..
23.00 JOD


This product of Chicco is ideal when breast milk leaks from breasts. It collects milk while all..
5.25 JOD


Useful in case of flat or retracted nipples to ease breast feeding. NaturalFeeling: Nipple Corre..
6.00 JOD


Boppy has scientifically studied ergonomic shape to ensure mother and baby breastfeed in exactly the..
40.00 JOD


The Chicco First Steps Safety Harness allows you to help your baby take its first steps and keep him..
15.75 JOD


Grey polarized lenses, consisting of 7 layers . Provide 100% protection against hazardous and harmf..
20.00 JOD


Chicco Sunglasses Girl Comedy 24 M+ :  Made of flexible, soft and non-toxic / hypo-allergeni..
20.00 JOD


Veste Asciutto diapers are slim and easy to wear and they allow the baby to move freely whilst guara..
5.45 JOD


New Dryfit Advanced new diapers Chicco DRY FIT Advanced are thin and easy to wear. Allow the child t..
5.45 JOD


Dry Fit is the easy 2-in1 solution for a happy baby by Chicco, the baby specialist. It provides maxi..
5.45 JOD


The 2-in1 Nappy for a Happy baby. Maximum dryness and comfortable fit all in one nappy. The new Ch..
5.45 JOD


Dry Fit is the easy 2-in1 solution for a happy baby by Chicco, the baby specialist. It provides maxi..
5.45 JOD


Designed specifically for the wellbeing of babies, Chicco’s Gum Gel is gentle, ideal for use before ..
2.50 JOD


Chicco presents the new baby toiletries line baby moments, a complete range of everyday products to ..
5.25 JOD


This gentle baby nappy cream by Chicco can be used daily to moisturise your child's skin at every di..
7.35 JOD


This anatomical potty from Chicco is ideal for baby's transition from the nappy phase to toilet trai..
6.80 JOD


This toilet trainer is an excellent solution to help you train your child to use the toilet. It feat..
12.60 JOD


Digi Baby thermometer is small and practical for every mother. You can measure the temperature of yo..
7.00 JOD


The Door Stop prevents doors slamming and trapping children's fingers. Easy to fit It fits standard ..
4.70 JOD


Chicco Corner Covers 6m +, the protective silicone corners of furniture and tables, 4pcs ..
6.80 JOD


SterilNatural 2in1 Electric steam steriliser. Adjustable. Two configuration. Practical and effectiv..
75.00 JOD


The differentiated bristles quickly eliminate all food residues from even difficult-to-reach areas, ..
5.90 JOD
The droll Chicco Bath Thermometer whale with big eyes and a wide grin is now your new companion when..
11.00 JOD


The fine-toothed comb is ideal to gently remove cradle caps in the first months of a baby's life. It..
1.80 JOD


The Brush And Comb Safe Hygiene Allow You To Gently Comb Baby'S Hair. The Soft Natural Bristles On T..
6.50 JOD


The Brush And Comb Safe Hygiene Allow You To Gently Comb Baby'S Hair. The Soft Natural Bristles On T..
6.50 JOD


Brush & Comb (Nylon) 0m+ Ideal to gently comb baby's first hair Colored and fun to comb b..
6.50 JOD


The following children's scissors are made of stainless steel. The blades are curved with rounded ti..
5.50 JOD


Newborn baby scissors in stainless steel with short, curved blades with rounded ends to allow clippi..
5.50 JOD


Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible, 100% cotton. Ideal for daily hygiene and grooming. Availa..
1.35 JOD


Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible. Buds ends made from 100% anti-bacteria treated cotton. Ide..
1.20 JOD


Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible. They are ideal for daily hygiene and grooming. As this cot..
1.60 JOD


There is nothing worse than your little one being unable to breathe well at night; to avoid these un..
3.15 JOD


Each pack contains 10 soft disposable heads with filter. Each nozzle is individually packed to ..
5.75 JOD


1. Allows a better distribution of brightness thanks to the new design 2. It adapts to all major ou..
14.70 JOD


Chicco Air Pillow is the most comfortable pillow for the newborns. This is because the Air Pillow po..
9.00 JOD


Features: Silicone nipple makes sucking easierPromotes regulation of positive pressure-flow ..
17.85 JOD


Large NaturalFeeling Home Set The complete range of products and specific accessories to live t..
36.75 JOD
Thermal bottle holder In stainless steel, it keeps the food temperature up to 5 hours, guarantees e..
25.00 JOD