LED Light 100L String Green, Outdoor / Indoor Decoration

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3.00 JOD

رقم الموديل : 161839165992
رمز المنتج: 161839165992
العمر الموصى به: للنساء
الأبعاد: 12,000cm (طول)


Beautiful: Fairy Lights light up and add life to any setting.Versatile: Can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor settings.Easy to use: Simply turn on and off:Clean and Green: LED lights consume less electricity compared to other lights.Fun: Kids will enjoy the beautiful and colorful lighTUltra-thin Fairy Lights but sturdy silver wire are easily to bend into any shape, wrap around any item and nearly invisible wherever.

To use: Simply turn on and off: 2 modes blinking and steadyVery safe to use