About Us

We’re Dumyah.com, a creative startup that loves to provide the best services for the community.


At Dumyah, we all come to work every day because we know parents need a helping hand. We aim to provide all the information and necessities they might need.
The idea for Dumyah.com was born in 2016 when founders, Zeina Zuaiter and Kayed Qunibi, noticed that there were no straightforward platforms for parents who wanted help with their daily lives and necessities. After 1 year of painstaking product research, design and development, Dumyah made its debut.


 Dumyah.com founders, Kayed Qunibi and Zeina Zuaiter
Dumyah.com founders, Kayed Qunibi and Zeina Zuaiter

An idea conceived by two loving parents is now a reality.
Whether a book for your little one, a stroller or even a diaper, Dumyah.com allows parents to browse products, at any price point, in a collection of more than 5,000 items and 400 brands. And with mother-oriented customer service and a growing community of local businesses, established by local mothers, Dumyah.com is the easiest way for parents to save extra time and money in acquiring their day to day parenting necessities!