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Soothing relief for breastfeeding mothers. The Palmer’s name which denotes quality formulas for..
8.50 JOD
B-COVER Baby Nursing Covers / Beig 34% Off
B-Covers - Baby Breast Feeding CoversBecause B is for breastfeeding,bonding and most of all baby..
12.50 JOD 18.80 JOD
B-COVER Baby Nursing Covers / Colorful 34% Off
B-Covers - Baby Breast Feeding CoversBecause B is for breastfeeding,bonding and most of all baby..
12.50 JOD 18.80 JOD
The offer applies to the product in the Elephants Blue color shown in the picture below. The other p..
13.00 JOD
Tommee Tippee Closed to Nature 4 x Milk Storage Lids 30% Off
Practical cover fits all Closer to Nature bottles, turning them into safe and convenient containers ..
5.65 JOD 8.10 JOD
At a glance:More milk with higher energy content compared to a single pump Simple and comfo..
225.00 JOD
Condition: Brand New GENUINE Medela AC Power Supply and Cord adapter.For Swing Single Electric B..
40.00 JOD
Doomoo Buddy Multi-Use Breastfeeding Pillow Patchwork (Lime) 45% Off
The luxury large Doomoo Buddy is the most comfortable pillow you will ever use! Filled with polystyr..
44.00 JOD 80.00 JOD
Replacement tubing for your personally-owned pump. Great as a spare part or to replace a worn or d..
10.00 JOD
The suction power of the Medela Swing breast pump is catered for pumping on one side. Even if you ..
140.00 JOD
Motor unit only - for the Medela Mini Electric Breast pump* this is a replacement motor only a..
80.00 JOD
The Medela 2 Component Connector is a replacement / spare part for the Medela Swing and Harmony br..
11.60 JOD
Extra Breast Shield connector for use with Medela breast pumps. Not for use with the freestyl..
9.50 JOD
Only Medela offers replacement tubing tested and designed to work with your Freestyle Breast Pump...
29.00 JOD
Brand New Medela Freestyle pump Motor. Made in Switzerland.  Does not include the battery a..
300.00 JOD
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Freestyle Breast Pumps. 1 - Lithium Ion Battery fo..
100.00 JOD
Power adapter for the Swing maxi and Freestyle breastpumps.This spare part is for the replac..
60.00 JOD
Medela Washable Bra Pads are soft and ultra-absorbent to give you peace of mind when you need to loo..
13.80 JOD
Moms will be ready to double or single pump any time with the Symphony® breast pump.Features &am..
36.30 JOD
Moms will be ready to single pump any time with the Symphony® breast pump.Features & Benefit..
29.00 JOD
The Chicco Mammy nursing bras are specially designed to allow a breastfeeding as practical and comfo..
42.00 JOD
Chicco anti-bacterial absorb nursing pads keeps you away from those painful phases which can make br..
6.30 JOD
The Thermogel Nursing Pads provides quick relief in case of breast-feeding, breast tension, or befor..
15.75 JOD
Replacement parts for your Harmony breast pump if you experience no suction or low suction, or if th..
7.30 JOD
Specifications: For storage and freeze of breast milk. 100% BPA free. Pre-sterilized and disposab..
5.20 JOD
Replacement / spare tubing for the Medela Swing Maxi Breast Pump. It can also be used with the disco..
29.00 JOD
Authentic medela spare parts For exclusive use with the freestyle breast pump Compatible with all ..
20.50 JOD
Farlin Manual Breast PumpA simple way to support breast feeding for your babySmall, portable and con..
3.80 JOD
Two standard nipple shield per pack (16 mm) For latch on difficulties or flat and inverted nipples ..
17.40 JOD
Unique combination of pump and suction release button allows completely adjustable and pumping to im..
20.80 JOD
Pigeon new Breast Pads Honeycomb comes with a special absorbent polymer and stay-dry honeycomb linin..
12.10 JOD
Suitable for nipple up to 13mm in diameter. Thin and soft for natural fit. ..
9.70 JOD
Pigeon Nipple Puller - Convenient and Safe The benefits of breastfeeding are widely recognized and ..
6.30 JOD
Comfort ProperFit Soft Silicone Cushion Provides a secure seal and comfortable fit for more efficie..
48.30 JOD
Munchkin Latch Miracle Nursing Pads - 60 Pack 30% Off
Stay dry, stay happyKeep wetness at bay with the only nursing pad designed with both performance..
17.65 JOD 25.20 JOD
Designed for confident protection and complete discretion.Breathable Protective Cover—Keeps clot..
6.60 JOD
Medela Tender Care Hydrogel Pads: Advanced Nipple Therapy with soothing gel pads. Breastfeeding is..
16.00 JOD
The pillows from the Mum Comfort range offer necessary support to mums during pregnancy, helping the..
26.30 JOD
About the product: Protect sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding Made of paper thin, soft, ..
8.00 JOD
​Invisible under clothes Ultra thin with a contoured shape Adhesive strip to keep pads in pla..
8.30 JOD
Invisible under clothes Ultra thin with a contoured shape. Adhesive strip to keep the pads in p..
13.00 JOD
What moms want is to be able to do more with less? Our disposable nursing bra pads provide more valu..
7.00 JOD