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The Farlin Front-Hold Baby Cuddler has a netting designed seat that provides ventilation and is more..
29.00 JOD


Safety Guard For Socket 2PF is easy to put-in and take-out for adults only, So it is safe for the ba..
3.30 JOD


1.90 JOD


Suction base design is convenient for fixing at any position Leaves no sticking stains on the d..
2.90 JOD


Farlin SAFETY GUARD FOR TURNING CLOSET DOORS- If you have been thinking of baby proofing your h..
5.50 JOD


The FARLIN cotton buds will be perfect to clean your little one's tiny nostrils and ear creases K..
2.80 JOD


Congratulations on successfully delivering a new baby. It is a time to rejoice and the next thing th..
20.80 JOD


Farlin 7-in-1 baby food maker can grate, strain, pound and is also a juicer. It is a great help for ..
16.40 JOD


For storage and freeze of breast milk. 100% BPA free. Pre-sterilized and disposable. Content: 20p..
6.10 JOD


High strength quality sponge material is more durable, and may avoid scrape in internal surface of m..
5.50 JOD


Farlin Bath Ball is perfect for cleaning your baby. It is delicate & soft on your baby’s tender ..
1.50 JOD


BPA-free Shrinkable for easy storage Anti-colic design Farlin understands that everythin..
11.00 JOD


Dental health should start from young. Our toothbrush set comes with a tongue cleaner which gently c..
2.40 JOD


Farlin Baby Cloth Diaper Pant is soft and absorbent Diaper pants for your baby. Keeping your little ..
4.00 JOD


Farlin Food Grinder: Grinds solid fresh food such as fruits and vegetables into a proper consi..
6.20 JOD


An easy transition to self-feeding for babies! This plate is also designed to train babies on pickin..
9.00 JOD


Gentle for brushing babies’ teeth and stimulating their gums. Made of high-quality silicone which i..
1.50 JOD


Specifications: For storage and freeze of breast milk. 100% BPA free. Pre-sterilized and disposab..
5.20 JOD


Have an easy time bathing your little one with Farlin's dual-colored bath tub. It comes with a net t..
31.70 JOD


Can Place Farlin’s baby toilet seat on top of regular flush toilet. Ideal for toilet training c..
3.90 JOD


Unique 2 in 1 electric breast pump design desktop type and standalone type Soft massage mode ..
77.00 JOD


Food Grinds solid fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables into a proper consistency for a nutritio..
5.00 JOD


5 practical compartments portioned for a childs appetite Leak-proof technology that keeps meals and..
14.00 JOD


The BPA free Farlin easy feeder proves to be the perfect cutlery that you can use during this stage ..
11.00 JOD


Learner Bottle with Spout Brand: Farlin Size: 240 ml Easy drinking, super soft silicone str..
8.40 JOD


Farlin Dental Floss Teeth Stick is made from Polyester Tetolon which is not only soft on your b..
1.60 JOD


By gripping, biting and playing with the set helps baby to stimulate the brain exercise. Brain De..
8.00 JOD


Rounded nozzle is gentle for baby's delicate nostrils Easy, safe and convenient Helps to relieve b..
3.60 JOD


Farlin Knee Pads are designed for comfort and protection of tender knees for crawling infant and tum..
4.50 JOD


Soft Silicon Nozzle: gentle for baby’s delicate nostrils and nasal membrane. Easy Pump: easy an..
2.90 JOD


Gently pumping the medicine into baby's mouth Both-hand and bottle handle Without baby noticing th..
4.00 JOD


Soft silicone nozzle is gentle for Baby's delicate nostrils and nasal membrane. Unique valve design,..
4.90 JOD


FARLIN MANUAL BREAST PUMP A simple way to support breast feeding for your baby Small, portable and..
3.80 JOD


Pulpy Food Spoon: Pulpy food spoon perfectly fits baby’s demands of eating/drinking. Juicy food spoo..
3.90 JOD


The importance of the Washing Hair Hat is, it stops water and shampoo getting into your baby's eyes...
3.60 JOD


Large size with 3 layer Convenient and practical especially for outing Durable plastic. Compact a..
3.90 JOD


A container with a unique dividing piece between layers which can help to avoid leakage of milk p..
3.20 JOD


3.40 JOD


Warmer Can: Convenient for filling soup, especially for picnic and outing.  Effectively..
7.90 JOD


Baby towel will help you to keep baby warm from head to toe while enabling you to give them an after..
10.30 JOD


With less pressure mothers can feel relaxed when walking or moving. The adjustable buckle is easy to..
17.10 JOD


Product Features: Good material Nontoxic Safe & convenient Air Filled Rubber Co..
16.90 JOD