New Sephora Radiance Hydrating Watermelon Eye Mask
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Sephora Radiance Hydrating Watermelon Eye Mask

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Product Code: 3378872141921
Barcode: 3378872141921
Recommended Age: For Moms

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Masks to the rescue of all eyes. The area around the eyes is so fine and fragile that it needs special care to recover its natural beauty. SEPHORA COLLECTION eye masks have a solution for every problem. Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles, moisturizing, smoothing... These bio-cellulose masks, formulated with 91% of ingredients of natural origin and enriched with plant extracts, will embellish your eyes. Our eye masks are effective in less than 5 minutes. SEPHORA COLLECTION eye masks are made from bio-cellulose fibers from fermented coconut water. This ultra-fine and super absorbent material absorbs 3x more serum than non-woven fibers, allowing active ingredients to better penetrate the skin for results in less than 5 minutes!

4 super-ingredients for transformed eyes

SEPHORA COLLECTION has selected 4 super-ingredients known for their virtues and according to strict specifications to best meet your skin’s needs, targeting puffiness, dark circles, moisturizing and smoothing the skin... Each mask acts in a specific way:

- Cucumber (1): Its vitamin and mineral content make it ideal for soothing delicate skin!
- Pomegranate (1): Its vitamins help tone the skin so you look wide awake in the blink of an eye!
- Caffeine (1): It is extracted from green coffee beans. Known for its energizing properties, it is ideal for waking up a tired look!
- Watermelon (1): Thanks to its water, vitamin and mineral content, watermelon has hydrating and softening properties.

(1) with extract of


Eye masks for immediate results In the morning, after a short night or in the evening after spending 8 hours in front of a screen, SEPHORA COLLECTION eye masks are fast and effective, thanks to their bio-cellulose fibers and super-ingredients: 5 minutes is all it takes to rescue your eyes. If there is any product left on your eye area after removing the masks, gently pat it in. No need to rinse. The beautiful skin combo. Why not give your skin a real break without leaving your home? To complete the effect of the SEPHORA COLLECTION eye masks, we also offer a range of masks with targeted action to pamper your face. Choose your super-ingredients from our eucalyptus-derived fabric face masks or our vitamin-boosted face masks.


Our masks have been dermatologically tested by independent laboratories and by volunteers to guarantee their safety and effectiveness.

- Cucumber (Soothing anti-puffiness)
-23% of puffiness after the 1st use.(1)
82% say the eye area is soothed.(2)

- Pomegranate (Fatigue-reducing, works against dark circles)
-29% of dark circles after 28 days of use.(3)
100% say their eyes appear less tired and full of energy.(4)

- Caffeine (Energizing and smoothing)
90% say their eye area is smoother.(5)
95% say the area around the eyes is toned.(5)

- Watermelon (Moisturizing radiance)
+50% radiance after 1st use.(6)
100% say their eye area is instantly moisturized (7)

(1) Scientific measurement on 22 volunteers, immediately after application.
(2) % of women satisfied after the 1st use. Satisfaction test on 22 volunteers.
(3) Scientific test on 21 volunteers after 28 days of use.
(4) % of women satisfied after 28 days of use. Satisfaction test on 21 volunteers.
(5) % of women satisfied after the first use. Satisfaction test on 20 volunteers.
(6) Scientific test among 20 volunteers, immediately after application.
(7) % of women satisfied after the first use. Satisfaction test on 20 volunteers.



5 ( 1 reviews )

Zeina T. Zuaiter

love sephora masks, as they truly refresh my skin and give it a glowing look after a couple of usages, I keep getting my masks from Dumyah to maintain the glow!