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Koita Organic Whole Milk 1 LT x12

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Product Code: 869712000001
Barcode: 869712000001
Recommended Age: For women



  • NATURALLY NUTRITIOUS: Organic food have a higher nutritional value compared to non-organic food as they contain more antioxidants, omega-3s and CLA essential fatty acids. Organic food is healthier for you and tastes yummier too!


  • CHEMICAL FREE: Organic farming practices do not use chemicals such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals have a detrimental effect on the environment and human health as they contaminate food, water and soil and eventually build up in our cells when we consume the contaminated food. Organic farming use sustainable farming practices that protect our environment and our health.
  • HORMONE AND ANTIBIOTIC FREE: Non-organic cows are given antibiotics to prevent sickness and kill most (but not all) pathogens they have been exposed to. This is scary because the germs that survive can reproduce and create antibiotic-resistant infections which can pose a huge threat to ecosystems - including us. Non-organic cows are also injected with synthetic hormones to speed up their growth and change reproductive cycles. When we consume by-products of these animals, such as milk, these harmful substances are passed to us.  However, when organic cows live in a natural environment and produce milk according to their natural cycles without being subjected to hormones and antibiotics, they are happy, healthier and can produce premium quality nutritious milk that is free of these harmful substances.

  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: To keep everyone healthy, organic farmers use natural measures to maintain animal health and preserve the environment – making us healthier too! All our milk is pesticide free, hormone free and antibiotic free.Koita packages its premium Italian milk using air-tight Tetrapak cartons (no plastic – hooray!) designed to keep light and oxygen out and the creamy goodness in. And since Koita milk doesn’t need to be flown to retain its freshness, they’ve reduced their carbon footprint by opting for sea shipments from Europe.

  • NON-GMO: Many farmers are using genetic engineering to modify crops. At this time, the science is unclear as to whether GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) strains of crops are safe for human consumption. We do know however that GMOs have lead to an increase in the use of toxic pesticides which are harmful on both your family’s health and the environment. Organic farming standards on our farms forbid the use of genetically engineered seeds or animals—including clones. Furthermore, we only source our Soy Milk from Non-GMO soy.