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Al Salwa Books - Sanjoob and the Spilt Milk

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Product Code: 9789957041410
Barcode: 9789957041410
Recommended Age: 3+ Years
Dimensions: 27cm X 22cm (LxW)
Weight: 0.43kg

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Suddenly, the cup slides out of Sinjob's hand, the milk pours into it and turns into a white pool. Sinjob tries to escape the impasse, but Baba Snjab tells him about an old story that will reveal the person who poured the milk. Will Sinjob admit his actions? More importantly, will you clean the spilled milk on the ground?

 A cup of milk slides from the hand of Sinjob, forming a white pool on the ground. Sinjub tries to evade his act, but Baba Sunjoub tells him that the milk pool on the ground will tell him about the actor who will in turn clean the land. This story tells the story of a child and an adult. She goes to the child in this early age group who does not admit the error and often refers it to someone, and to the adult who indirectly advises the way he should deal With the child in such a situation. Because the boundaries between right and wrong in his early age are still beyond his grasp, and he deals with "mistakes" according to his "infantile" standards, and often the "error" in the child's standards is more amusing.

For discussion:

* The cup of milk slipped from the hand of Sinjub without his will. Why did not he just mention this fact to his father?

* "Squirrel's Dad" looks kind and tolerant. What are the things that point to that in the story?

* Sinjob seems adventurous and smart. How did you know that?

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Why did "Siboub" tell the story of the old story that reveals the actor? Highlighting that the recognition of error does not necessarily have to be direct, leaving room for the wrong person to think in a way that apologizes or shows remorse for something he did.

* Snjub realized at the end of the story that he had to clean the ground. What is the thing that led him to do so? It is necessary to learn from our mistakes because it is wrong that generates righteousness.

* How do you imagine Snjob milk pond? Are there things around us formed in forms we know? The shapes of the clouds can be linked, and the liquids form the vessels in which they are placed.

* How did "Papa Squirrel" deal with this problem? In your opinion, did he succeed in solving them?

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