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Al Salwa Books - Who's First?

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Product Code: 9789957041373
Barcode: 9789957041373
Recommended Age: 3+ Years
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Jad and Tala are excited to go to the zoo with their mother and younger brother Zuzu. While they are arguing in the garden, Jad Jamol, a favorite Tala game, pulls her hand out of her hand and flies into the air and falls into the monkey cage. Will he be able to recover the beauty of the monkey? How will their visit to the zoo end?

on the first day of the spring break, Gad and Tala go with their mother to the zoo, where Gad wants to see Black first, and Tala wants to see the monkeys first. As they walk, they find themselves near the cage of monkeys; he feels very angry and pulls "Jamul" from Tala's hand vigorously, flying high and falling into the cage of monkeys. He feels serious remorse and tries to recover Jamul and finally succeeds in it.

For discussion:

* How many seasons a year? What distinguishes each chapter from other chapters? Why do chapters change? Highlight the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and the resulting movement of the seasons change.

What activities can be done in the spring? What do you like about the zoo? Is there any benefit from her visit?

* Are animals similar in nature or different? In your opinion why do you like Gad Al-Aswad? What is Assad's title? Why did Tala want to see the monkeys? What are the characteristics of monkeys? Reference to the different characteristics of animals and the diversity of their environments and food.

How did Gad get back to Jamul? What character did Gad find at the monkey? Do you know other animals imitate humans? Refer to parrot for example.

What did Tala do after a serious banana fell in the cage? Highlight the importance of participation

COVER: Paperback