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Al Salwa Books - The Doctor's Visit

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Product Code: 9789957041755
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Recommended Age: 3+ Years
Dimensions: 22cm X 22cm (LxW)
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When the doctor's visit is due, Tala is hiding for fear of a vaccination needle. Gad tries to convince Tala to go to the clinic and calm her down. How will Tala deal with the situation in the clinic? Is the vaccination needle really scary?

on the day of the doctor's visit, Tala hides in fear of vaccination, but Gad convinces her to go to the clinic in his own way. In the clinic, fear returns to Tala again, but the doctor draws Tala's attention to the wall plaque and asks her to count her, while giving her the vaccination she feels nothing at all. After that, he has a serious role to take the vaccination, and he is also afraid of the needle of vaccination. Tala alleviates his fear and follows the same path and the gentle doctor.

Through humor, the story prepares children for what they expect when visiting a doctor and relieves their feelings of fear.

For discussion:

* Why do we visit a doctor? Is it possible to go to the doctor's office without feeling sick? Highlight the reasons for visiting the doctor (treatment, periodic examination, vaccination ... etc)

* Why are some children afraid to visit a doctor? Give children the opportunity to express their feelings and explain the reasons behind this

the fear.

Why did Tala hide under the bed? How could Gad convince her to go to the clinic? Highlight the use of dialogue and persuasion methods and their importance when dealing with others.

Q: Did Tala feel pain when the doctor gave her the vaccination? Why do you think? Draw the child's attention to the doctor's cheerful spirit that helps relieve others.

What qualities do you like about a pediatrician who goes to his clinic? Children may be given the opportunity to describe the doctor's external appearance and how they deal with them.

* What tools do the doctor use? The child lists some tools and mentions why they are used.

Why do we take vaccination? Are there diseases that we can prevent? What other methods help prevent disease?

Why is health one of the most important blessings that must be preserved? Encourage the child to mention other things he feels are necessary in his life.