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Al Salwa Books - Mystery of the spotted leopard

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Product Code: 9789957041700
Barcode: 9789957041700
Recommended Age: 7+ Years
Dimensions: 20cm X 14cm (LxW)
Weight: 0.19kg


Adel and Amjad are signing up for an online chat under a pseudonym and without their parents' knowledge, and through this application they identify a suspicious person called the spotted leopard. The leopard leaks just in the conversation and draws closer to it. Why is the leopard leaked just and what is the purpose of all this? The events of the story are quickening and developing dangerously. Will Adel and Amjad be able to break the deadlock in which they have set themselves? The story of its events is interesting and exciting, and may in one way or another happen to many people in our time, the era of open globalization.

Adel and Amjad, two friends who are once recording an online chat application under a pseudonym, without the knowledge of their parents. Through this application, they identify a suspicious person called a spotted leopard.

The leopard leaks in the conversation and draws closer to him until he knows the secrets of his father's work in the gold shop he owns. The events of the story accelerate in a dangerous direction and the leopard is able to steal the store. Adel decides to take responsibility for his mistake and return the jewelry to his father.

For discussion:

* There has been a tremendous cognitive development in recent years. What are its forms? To highlight the importance of this development in its various forms, such as applications and social media if they are used wisely.

What is the meaning of cybercrime? How can it occur? It is easy for professionals who have the ability to penetrate personal accounts to obtain private information about specific people, their family members, and use this information in illegal ways.

* What are the damages of overuse of the Internet? Highlight health, social, and psychological problems.

* Is it possible to addicted to the Internet? How do we get rid of the power of electronic devices?

* How did the leopard managed to lure just? Does using aliases and phishing succeed in deceiving others?

* How can you trust the person in front of you? What are the qualities of people who deserve our trust?

* What are the means to make sure you are using the Internet safely? Highlighting things to consider by parents and children using the Internet.