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Colorland Maternity Tote Bag (Grey Camo)

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Product Code: TT199-D
Barcode: 159956809622
Recommended Age: For Moms
Dimensions: 46cm X 19cm X 35cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.20kg

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This colorland diaper bag is designed to be a backpack. For the convenience of Father-Mother who likes to travel frequently The specialness of this model is that it can hold a lot of things. The bag mouth can be opened wide for easy picking of desired items. The bag is lightweight and strengthened with a steel frame, allowing easy access to items in the bag The inside of the bag is divided into sub-compartments for the necessary packing. With hot and cold storage Pros

  • The ear bag can be attached to the luggage strap.
  • Use 100% waterproof material to protect the items in the bag from being damp from the air during travel.
  • The bag is reinforced with a steel frame to ensure that the bag is fixed when opening the bag and picking things easily.
  • There is a bottle slot for both outside. And inside the bag 
  • My zipper pocket for wearing tissue Napkins and other necessities 
  • Polyester core material, large 46x19x35cm 
  • Weight 1.2 kgs

 Organize bags: Inside the bag is designed to store things perfectly. There are compartments for storing cards, keys, mobile phones and various essentials. The back fabric strip is used to hold the bag and travel bag for convenience for the father - mother, traveler. There are steel buttons for fastening the two bags to keep them together when not in use. And a beautiful and perfectly designed zip slot that can be opened from both sides


  • Can carry many types
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Can be attached to a suitcase 
  • Distinctive with golden logo, COLORLAND 
  • Adjustable luggage strap 
  • The bag is wide open with a double zipper. 
  • The handle is a polyester fabric.
  • There is a strap for hanging keys.
  • Good quality plastic lock