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Health & Personal Care

Health & Personal Care
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- Target Sensitive Toothbrush Is Proven To Be Gentle On Teeth And Gums. - It Has Very Thin Microf..
3.35 JOD
Colgate Wave ZigZag Soft Toothbrush has multi-angle cross-bristles that are designed to reach deep b..
1.60 JOD
Colgate Tooth Paste Max Fresh Cooling Crystals 100ml 10% Off
When brushing with Colgate MaxFresh infused with cooling crystals, you will experience a whole new d..
2.34 JOD 2.60 JOD
Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Omron HEM-7120-IN is designed to measure blood press..
55.00 JOD
Protect your favorite underwear and help you feel fresh everyday. The liners are soft, flexible and ..
3.10 JOD
Anatomically shaped pantyliners in regular size. With 100% cotton top sheet, for protection and uniq..
1.35 JOD
Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush - 2 Toothbrush per Pack Charcoal infused slim tip bristle..
3.40 JOD
Suitable for intestinal irrigation and vaginal washing. Has a large and a small tube and a connector..
4.11 JOD
Product Features: Repositionable adhesives for a better fit at the waist. A very soft surfac..
5.50 JOD
The OMRON CompA.I.R™ NE-C801 is an every day compressor nebulizer for the treatment of lower airways..
72.00 JOD
Kotex Feminine Liners Long Scented, 44 Pads 4% Off
Feminine Hygiene is manufactured by Kotex: Cotton cover feels soft smooth on delicate skin. ..
3.12 JOD 3.25 JOD
Abena Abri soft Eco Mattress Pads Disposable 30 pcs, 60x90 4% Off
The  Abri-Soft mattress pads from Abena  are disposable mattress pads to protect the user'..
8.74 JOD 9.11 JOD
Iasi Unisex Pants elastic underwear for comfort and discreet protection, designed for medium to heav..
8.85 JOD
Keep your teeth free of plaque and other germs with the Jordan 30M Everyday Wax Mint. The floss thre..
2.40 JOD
JASON Healthy Mouth Tartar Control Mouthwash helps promote oral health and freshens breath witho..
7.95 JOD
Ayla Naturals Moisturizing Sanitizer New
Jasmin sanitizer with 0-panthenol  ..
9.00 JOD
Introduction of Omron E3-HV-F021-EW Intense Electronic Pain Reliever. TENS is in the field of pain r..
95.00 JOD
Nivea Roll On Protect & care Women 50 ml 10% Off
Use this antiperspirant Nivea Protect & care roll on for smooth & beautiful underarms. ..
1.94 JOD 2.15 JOD
Whitens and polishes the tooth surface gently and thoroughly Inhibits plaque formation Attach..
7.45 JOD
Ultra thin sanitary napkins, 30% longer compared to EveryDay Normal, with protection wings. Thanks t..
2.20 JOD
Heat and cold in one product. WHAT IS IT? A practical, reusable gel cushion that provides heat o..
7.50 JOD
For soft, well groomed hands and nails, sebamed Hand and Nail Balm is the perfect solution. The high..
5.50 JOD
Abri-Light products offer a unique protection against leakage with super soft and flat lengthwise ba..
12.50 JOD
Kotex Designer Maxi Pads Normal with Wings, 30 Pads 6% Off
Whether you need protection on light days, backup support, or just to feel fresh every day, pick up ..
1.80 JOD 1.91 JOD
Lady Life Night Comfortable Pads, Economy Packs 12% Off
Soft cotton surface - Bringing you a comfortable experience • Removing all the smell through phy..
1.99 JOD 2.25 JOD
Sally Hansen Double Duty- Base & Top Coat 10% Off
Get strong, shiny, chip-resistant nails Base coat panthenol formula smoothes nail surface and h..
4.64 JOD 5.15 JOD
Benefits Clean the teeth down to the back of the teeth. Usage Remove enough toothpaste on th..
3.40 JOD
Colgate 360 ​​toothbrush revolutionizes oral hygiene. Its unique design features help it clean its t..
3.90 JOD
Hollywood Fashion Tape® is the easy-to-use, clear double-stick, “do everything” apparel and body tap..
5.00 JOD
Long, ultra-thin sanitary napkins, with protection wings. EveryDay Hyperdry Center Plus bring revolu..
2.20 JOD
 is an oral solution used to provide temporary relief from the pain associated with minor sore ..
3.00 JOD
Thin sanitary pads, 20% shorter in length compared to EveryDay Normal, with protective wings. Ideal ..
0.90 JOD
Elastic support bandages are indicated for supporting and relieving pain in the conservative treatme..
1.00 JOD
Adidas Spray Floral Dream For Women – 150 ML 26% Off
Floral Dream By Adidas Deodorant Spray For Women – 150M   ..
2.50 JOD 3.39 JOD
Anatomically shaped pantyliners in regular size. With 100% cotton top sheet, for protection and uniq..
3.25 JOD
Colgate Max Fresh Spicy Toothpaste is bursting with freshness that lasts! It invigorates your brushi..
2.60 JOD
Listerine Cool Menthol Oral Antiseptic 500 ml + 250 ml 13% Off
Oral mouthwash to combat halitosis and prevent gingivitis problems, helping in its treatment. Larg..
6.50 JOD 7.49 JOD
Intestinal flushing system using an irrigator made of plastisol, a non-toxic, resistant and elastic ..
4.11 JOD
Depend Underwear For Women, XL 9% Off
Designed to feel just like normal underwear, the Depends For Women Pants are designed for female use..
5.47 JOD 5.98 JOD
Protect your favorite underwear and help you feel fresh everyday. The liners are soft, flexible and ..
4.38 JOD
Kotex Feminine Pads Maxi Super Designer, 50 Pads 4% Off
Meet your Maxi Super Designer Pad - with thicker absorbency to give you extra reassurance that your ..
2.70 JOD 2.81 JOD
Ideal blood pressure monitor for young/sturdy built hypertensive patients. Equipped with high blo..
15.00 JOD