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thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask 1.2L

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Product Code: SK2010BKAUS
Barcode: 159755908175
Recommended Age: For Moms
Dimensions: 26.50cm (H)
Weight: 40oz

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The vacuum flask states it can keep drinks hot and/or cold for up to 24 hours. My husband usually leaves before 6am and gets back around 6pm-ish when he’s working locally so he is able to test to see if it really does.
He has been using it for hot drinks and absolutely loves it. It has opened and closed numerous time during the day and the drink it kept at a good hot temperature and has even had a final drink just before leaving to come home. Now my husband isn’t the best at looking after things so it’s been dropped a fair few times but hasn’t dented or been damaged at all. The lid screws tightly and the detachable cup is easy to clean and fit back together. He has been on building sites recently and it has not picked up a few scratched being a shiny black but hasn’t affected usage.
The food flask is designed to keep food hot or cold depending on the food you are wanting to use it for. It comes with a super handy stainless steel spoon so you are all set when on the go.
It is supposed to be sweat proof meaning no drips. It states it can keep things hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 9 hours.
As it’s been so cold these past few weeks, it’s been mainly used for soup but unlike the vacuum flask, it hasn’t kept the soup warm for the same length of time. He usually makes it early in the morning and come lunchtime (which is about 5 hours later, despite not being opened the soup is warm but not hot. He has eaten it but if he has been in an office he would probably have warmed it up again. To try it out fully, we used to test if we could keep a drink cold for 9 hours. I love having really chilled orange juice and it was excellent at keeping it really cold so I think this could be more useful for us to keep things cool opposed to hot.