Risk Board Game

55.00 JOD
Product Code: 28720
Availability: 10
Recommended Age: Newborn
Dimensions: 26.70cm X 40cm X 6.30cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1.20kg

Lead Your Troops, Take A Risk, RULE THE WORLD! Enter a world of Gutsy dventure - Aworld where every decision, every move, every battle is a nerve-tingling Risk that will reaprewards, or spell disaster. Place your troops. Plot your strategy. Then let the quest for global domination begin. The challenge: defet you foes, advance your troops and expand your territory. Where to attack? When to stop? Whether to form a temporary alliance? The descisions are your! The world belongs to the bold and the daring. Can you take it on and win? Recommended For Ages 10 years Plus

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