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Arabic Books

Arabic Books
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Ahroufi New
Ahroufi is an early learning book on letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each spread depicts a letter in..
14.25 JOD
At The Hospital story New
Number of Pages : 12 Binding : Soft Cover  ..
2.00 JOD
Let's Play Story New
Number of Pages : 12 Binding : Soft Cover  ..
2.00 JOD
Look At Me Story New
Number of Pages : 12 Binding : Soft Cover ..
2.00 JOD
At The Park Story New
Number of Pages : 12 Binding : Soft Cover  ..
2.00 JOD
I My Seed Story New
Zain the eight year old kid loves gardening in her house garden and enjoys taking care of it. Let's ..
2.50 JOD
My Hands Story New
I can do many things with my hands like play ball, take an apple, draw, brush my teeth and hold a bo..
8.00 JOD
Alef Ba Ta Animals Story New
This colourful animal alphabet book introduces an animal on each page for each letter of the Arabic ..
13.50 JOD
Where Does The Black Hen Go Story New
My grandmother has three chickens: one white, one red and one black. Every day they lay eggs that sh..
7.50 JOD
Whose  Tooth Cleaner Story New
Through the game of hiding between the child and the animals that want to clean their teeth in the r..
11.75 JOD
Murjan Story New
Monkey Murjan plays, dances, and climbs the tree while we count with him from one to ten. There is r..
7.50 JOD
Swiming Like A Fish Story New
A book designed for use at a certain time and during a certain activity in the day of a baby, like t..
9.50 JOD
My Eyes Story New
Author: Fatima SharafEldeen Publishing Date:6/12/2017 ..
7.25 JOD
Small World Story New
Fatima has a curious curiosity to know what his brother is doing in his small world before he was bo..
8.75 JOD
My Ears Story New
Making children aware of the function of their ears, they notice the sounds that surround them, and ..
7.25 JOD
Mum Is Always With me Story New
Mum is always there for me. A simple book about a mother's enduring bond with her child to boost pos..
6.38 JOD
Bye Nana Story New
Fatima has become big, and she must give up the nana, named by her mother, in an innovative way that..
11.75 JOD
Play With Daddy Story New
A book in bright colors balanced text, read by father to his child .. Perfect gift on Father's Day a..
10.25 JOD
My Grandmother Story New
My grandmother does not look like all the grandmothers. She has a very special hobby ... she likes m..
10.50 JOD
Quickly......But Slowly New
Through ocean observation which they live, the child distinguishes between what is happening quickly..
7.50 JOD
The Tastiest Bite Story New
A book in bright colors, balanced text, the purpose of which is to enjoy the child during eating. A ..
9.50 JOD
Tweet Quack MOO Story New
This book introduces the numbers from 1 to 10 for children, and associates names and sounds of vario..
9.50 JOD
My Grandpa Story New
In this heart-warming story, a little girl tells readers about her grandpa’s hilarious habits and fu..
10.50 JOD
I Have A Party Story New
I have a party, what shall I wear? The kid opens the wardrobe and gets confused about what to wear, ..
1.75 JOD
Who Am I story New
He works to keep our school clean, he picks us from home to school, she helps us in the break, she t..
1.75 JOD
At The Amusement Park story New
We love to go to the amusement park with mom and dad. There, we play a lot and have fun. We try ever..
1.75 JOD
The Little Artists story New
The little painters have many shapes; a square, a rectangle, a triangle and a circle. Yet, how they ..
1.75 JOD
Pepper and Penny story New
Salwa has a dog named Perpper and a cat named Penny. They both want to play but cannot find a better..
1.75 JOD
Small Cat Series: Numbers Story New
tells the story of the kittens who one day they sit having biscuits, then the bell rings ... Ding… D..
3.50 JOD
My Dear Father Story New
My beloved dad works hard for us, guides us and plays with us, and does lots of things; teaches and ..
1.75 JOD
Summer vacation story New
Summer holiday is entertaining. Children spend their time with their families, help the adults and p..
1.75 JOD
My Dear Mother Story New
My Mom is the most beautiful thing in the world; for she takes care of me, and embraces me with her ..
1.75 JOD
My Little Brother Story New
My little brother does lots of things that bother me; he imitates me, and walks behind me like my sh..
1.75 JOD
My Big Sister Story New
My big sister helps me with all my stuff; she wakes me up and prepares me breakfast and combs my hai..
1.75 JOD
At School Story New
The school is our second home. There we meet friends, learn spelling, and do lots of activities. We ..
1.75 JOD
Small Cat Series: Geometric Shapes Story New
tells the story of the kittens who have been painting quietly. Each has drawn a beautiful bright sun..
3.50 JOD
Funny Animals Series: Arnop Train Story New
Arnop has a beautiful train with five carriages, and moves on a railway. He loves to help animals, s..
3.00 JOD
Funny Animals Series: The Smart Dolphin Story New
Doudi is a smart dolphin, loves to play ball and spin to make circles, however, he refuses to share ..
3.00 JOD
Funny Animals Series: The Brave Kangaru Story New
The little kangaroo asks his mother's permission to play. He goes outside jumping and singing, then ..
3.00 JOD
Funny Animals Series: Dabdoob Bicycle Story New
Because Arnop is polite, active, helps his mother, arranges his room and his toys and maintains the ..
3.00 JOD
Small Cat Series: Colors Story New
tells the story of the kittens that get ready to go with their mother in their first exploration tri..
3.50 JOD
Funny Animals Series: The Beloved Octopus Story New
The beloved octopus loves number eight and walks on eight limbs. At school and while he is playing h..
3.00 JOD