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Chicco - Roll-On Refreshing Protective 60ml New
Refreshes and protects baby's skin Contains Melissa and crabwood oils Melissa gives delicate ..
5.00 JOD
Mustela Baby Shampoo Package 29% Off
Mustela Baby Shampoo Package  Thi package contains:  X2 Mustela Gentle Shampoo For H..
10.00 JOD 14.00 JOD
Mustela Baby Care Package 21% Off
Mustela Baby Care Package  Thi package contains:  1- Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cr..
30.00 JOD 38.00 JOD
EFFICACY: Natural oil is the ideal solution for cleansing the nappy area, for dry and sensitiv..
4.80 JOD
Chicco Sun Spray SPF 30 High protection, water resistant formula. Available in 150 ml format T..
8.40 JOD
Farlin powder puff provides continuous powder puffing for more convenience. ..
4.20 JOD
Brush with soft nylon bristles. It is very soft hence will brush very gently. It will make it easier..
3.40 JOD
deal for your baby's fine hair and tender scalp. Soft yet firm nylon bristles gently untangles baby'..
3.20 JOD
We love babies. And we understand babies have delicate skin, which can lose moisture faster than ad..
2.50 JOD
The FARLIN cotton buds will be perfect to clean your little one's tiny nostrils and ear creases K..
2.80 JOD
Calmoseptine Diaper Rash Cream and get shampoo 200ml free 12% Off
Free Nunu shampoo 200ml  with Calmoseptine Diaper Rash Cream. Helps to heal skin irrita..
10.00 JOD 11.30 JOD
Nunu Package Shampoo 800ml + Baby Powder 400ml 17% Off
NuNu Baby Shampoo 800ML + NuNu Baby Powder 400ML deal   ..
5.00 JOD 6.00 JOD
Nunu Package Shampoo 800ml + Baby oil 200ml 25% Off
NuNu Baby Shampoo 800ML + NuNu Baby Lotion 200ML deal   ..
4.50 JOD 6.00 JOD
Brand : Nunu Type : Baby Powder Size : 200 ml Baby powder softness proven clinically. ..
2.30 JOD
Brand : Nunu   Type : Baby Powder Size : 400 ml   Baby powder softness prov..
3.60 JOD
Lice & eggs repellent shampoo with natural extracts Dual action hair & scalp Comb nit..
4.00 JOD
The new Chicco line refreshes, moisturizes and protects the skin of the little ones in a natural way..
5.80 JOD
Calypso Make-Up Remover Sponges Calypso Make-Up Remover sponges help to efficiently remove make-up a..
1.80 JOD
After an amazing day in the sun, your little one’s sensitive skin is in need of special care. Due to..
8.40 JOD
Palmer's Baby Package Includes Shampoo, Baby Soap, Baby Oil and Bottom Butter 30% Off
This package includes 4 items, for a full care of your baby skin:  1- Palmer's Bab..
16.80 JOD 23.90 JOD
Palmer's Baby Essentials Package Includes Shampoo, Baby Soap 31% Off
This package includes 2 daily essentials for your baby:  1- Palmer's Baby Soa..
6.60 JOD 9.50 JOD
Komili Baby Hair Shampoo with 100% natural Olive Oil Baby Hair - 750ml Ulker Brand Made in Tur..
2.50 JOD
We love babies. And we understand that babies' skin and eyes are delicate. That's why our gentle No..
2.50 JOD
We love babies And we understand that babies' delicate skin needs gentle care to keep it perfectly ..
2.50 JOD
The box includes 100ml: -Baby Cologneam -Baby Shampoo -Baby Moisturizing Lotion -Baby Ba..
13.00 JOD
Brand : Nunu   Type : Baby Lotion   Size : 200 ml ..
2.50 JOD
Nunu Baby Oil 200ml  ..
2.50 JOD
Product Features:   Targeted Group: Unisex Brand: Nunu Type: Shampoo Suitable Sk..
3.50 JOD
Nunu baby shampoo's exclusive mild formula will not sting baby's eye and is gentle on hair and scalp..
2.50 JOD
Brand : Nunu Type : Baby Shampoo Size : 200 ml ..
1.30 JOD
Palmer's Baby Oil, 150ml Pump Bottle 25% Off
Formulated for baby's skin concerns soften cradle cap, help soothe eczema-prone skin moisturize dry ..
4.90 JOD 6.50 JOD
Cleanse and soften baby from head to toe with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Baby Wash. Our ultra-cal..
6.50 JOD
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Baby Soap is a creamy, rich-lathering bath bar that softens and moistu..
3.00 JOD
Baby's delicate eyes need special care during bath time. Johnson's Baby's Sleek and Silky Shampoo is..
2.50 JOD
The shampoo is colorless and with a pleasant smell. I use about a coin size on my toddler's hair and..
5.00 JOD
With its tear free, dermatologically and clinically approved formula and pH value compatible with sk..
2.00 JOD
With its tear free, dermatologically and clinically approved formula and pH value compatible with sk..
2.00 JOD
The Chicco Soothing Relief pen is ideal for easing the itching caused by mosquito bites and the anno..
4.20 JOD
The anti-mosquito spray after sun protection protects your baby's skin from external agents The..
8.40 JOD
Chamomile baby bath & massage oil This gentle and nourishing blend of oils and chamomile flow..
15.10 JOD
Cotton pads The ally of the modern woman!   SEPTONA after years of expertise in beauty..
1.80 JOD
A complete range of products that offer daily hygiene and protection. SEPTONA cotton buds are made o..
2.10 JOD