Simple 18.9 L Standard Water Dispenser Cover Dustproof Cloth Cover

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If still water is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, it will change colour and start to look green. This is a phenomenon that you may have noticed in nature at waterways that have become stagnant. The green colour is caused by algae, which is not life threatening, but it can cause your water to have an unappetizing flavour and odour. This is not usually a problem in a high traffic office where the water cooler is in regular use. In this case, the water bottle will be refilled more regularly, and it is less likely that algae will form.


Some clients will use water bottle accessories such as a cover on their cooler and neglect any stored bottles. This is a mistake. Any spare bottles will need to be stored out of direct sunlight as they can also be affected. The best solution is to store your spare bottles in a supply cupboard in the dark, but this is not always possible. If this is the case a more sheltered office area that gets less direct sun may be fine, but it is a better idea to use water bottle covers to be sure.


The 18.9L water cooler bottles can be covered by this cover that is specially designed to keep your stored water fresher. The covers protect the water from direct sunlight, and they also serve as an effective way to regulate the temperature. Another handy aspect to consider is that our cover offer extra protection during storage from accidental damage. 

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Laith Ekermawi

Great Product This water jug sock blocks out enough light to eliminate algae buildup so our filtered water source stays clean. Great!! It makes an otherwise ugly water dispenser more aesthetically pleasing. My kitchen is small so we have to place the dispenser on the counter for all to see.